Caravan Energy Bills

The economic crisis currently enveloping much of the world is definitely having a troubling impact on household budgets. More and more people, even the most frugal, are worried and searching online for clever tips and smart advice on clever and effective ways to minimise costs and make cash stretch further. We’ve put together a list of serious steps for static caravan owners (and renters) which should help make the winter and the moderate times around it just that bit more bearable…

Despite the coming storm of increased energy bills, there is some really good news to relay first. Making your static caravan cosy and inviting during the winter really doesn’t have to be the equivalent of taking a continuous stash notes out of your pocket and burning the pile to keep warm. Compared to traditional buildings, static caravans shouldn’t take that long to get snug, no matter what the temperature outside. The reasons why this is the case are: central heating, double glazing and insulation.



Your static caravan is likely to have already been fitted with thermally efficient UPVC windows (i.e., double glazing) which, as it is for the bricks-and-mortar home, has been designed to be highly energy efficient. It’s possible, though, that your caravan is older and that you’ve owned it for several years. If this is the case, it may well be worth researching the cost and ease of replacing any older windows with advanced alternatives which will contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. Double-glazed or, these days, even triple-glazed windows not only keep in warmth while ensuring proper ventilation, but they also keep it cool during the (occasionally oppressive) heat of summer.


Central Heating

Money is, of course, a ‘going concern’. In an effort to save some during the difficult times which almost certainly lay ahead in the next couple of years, you might be tempted to turn off the central heating in your static caravan. You might do this when you’re not there or at certain periods of the day. In other words, only put the heating on for ‘an hour or so’ here and there. It’s tempting to do this as it seems like it will be an instant cash-saver, but it may actually turn out to be something of a false economy. Your caravan will become cold quite quickly and you will be in a cycle of getting cold / warming up. Leaving the heating on but at a low temperature is a reasonably sensible way to maintain a consistent climate and in the long run it could be more financially economical (please check your tariffs etc to see whether this approach is financially viable). It will also have the added benefit of making sure that condensation issues are eliminated, and damp doesn’t take hold.



It’s likely that you’ve bought your static caravan from someone else who has already lived in it, as opposed to having bought it from new. It will probably be fitted with appliances which could now be a little older than is ideal and so it’s worth checking their energy rating. Some of them could be as low as C-rating. You could replace them with appliances which are more efficient (though doing so would involve cost and therefore impact your overall budget). The most efficient appliances you can install are rated A+++ and changing to a fridge freezer with that level of efficiency could save you a noticeable sum on your electricity bill.


Other ways to conserve cash and keep your static caravan warm during the winter:


Furnishings etc: thick carpets and rugs are a great low-cost way to keep warmth within your static caravan. They add an extra layer to the environment and there is a psychological benefit, too – they feel cosy. Blankets are also a great way to keep warm. These days fleece blanket technology is incredible and there are some really heat efficient blankets available at quite reasonable prices. Blankets are also great during the cooler moments of summer, when the temperature isn’t quite what you’d hoped it would be, but the light is great, and you don’t want to go back inside yet. Thermal curtains can help reduce heat loss in your static caravan so are a great investment, and they’re not too costly either.

Whether you are looking for static caravans for sale in Northumberland or elsewhere, Daly Parks has plenty to offer and you’re sure to able to find something to suit you – whether it’s winter or not! There are often static caravans in Hexham, at our Causey Hill holiday park, which are for sale, and they offer a wonderful way to live. If you would like to know more simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.