man on veranda in static caravan

You can easily imagine the scenario that leads people to want to spend time in a static caravan. Opening the door in the morning to a spectacular view and enjoying all of the benefits of a slightly more pastoral existence. Perhaps the lower running and maintenance costs are a factor in the static caravan mindset, too.

There are, though, things you need to know if you’re thinking about moving in and living in a static caravan permanently.


1. Residential park or holiday park

The Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act of 1980 allows a static caravan in your garden or on your drive without the need to apply for planning permission. Technically it can only be there temporarily, so you must then apply for planning permission if you wish to live in it permanently.

There are also residential caravan parks which allow year-round residence too – though they have to be correctly licensed to do so. The Mobile Homes Act of 1983 details that you can only live in a static caravan all year round if sited on a residential park with a permanent licence. There is a time limit on how long you can spend in your static caravan when it is sited at a holiday park (for example, on how many consecutive days and during which months of the year), and so government legislation states that you must have another residence which is categorised as your permanent address. Most static caravans are on parks which close at some point during the winter and they can even remain shut for two to three months. At Scout Cragg and Willow Tree, Daly Parks’ two static caravan sites in Cumbria, we have static caravans available as holiday homes you can live in for eleven months of the year (per the terms of our licence). So Cumbria is waiting for you for almost all of each year!


2. Why choose a static caravan to live in permanently?

In the opening section of this edition of our blog we hinted at a few of the reasons why people choose to live in static caravans as their main residence, but we’ll expand on that further here.

Choosing to move into a static caravan as a permanent residence is often understandable for those looking to simplify their life in some fundamental way. It means they can downsize to something much more physically manageable, and therefore also limit the amount of space available for the clutter accumulated over the years and the way it has spread itself out through an entire house. A process of ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff’ will often be necessary in advance of moving in to a static, and that has got to be a healthy thing. A static caravan offers a more compact and cosy environment.

Static caravans are often sited on residential parks where a close-knit like-minded community has developed, with people proud of their neighbourhood and looking out for one another in a way not necessarily seen on bricks-and-mortar streets anymore. The sense of security this can bring is priceless and the feeling of belonging is often very attractive to people.

Some static caravan parks come with added security – 24-hour CCTV surveillance cameras, for instance, or gated access to the whole park. This additional security can also have a financial benefit as it means your insurance premium may be lower due to the measures in place to protect homes and property.

Owners may also find that their new home is more economical. It will almost certainly have been cheaper to buy than their house, and much cheaper when it comes to the running costs too. It is likely to be smaller, and therefore fuel costs will be lower, etc. More savings will be made across outgoings such as Council Tax and mortgage payments.


3. So should I move into a static caravan?

From your Daly Parks holiday home you can explore some of the wonderful towns and villages the area has to offer, as well as experience plenty of the beautiful countryside. Such stunning views mean that static caravans for Grange-over-Sands and Arnside and Silverdale are great options for a relaxing lifestyle. Simply get in touch with us via the contact form on our website, or by giving us a call on the number on that page which relates to the park you’re interested in. One of our really friendly team will be more than happy to help, and answer any queries you might have.