In this edition of our blog we’re going to answer this really interesting onion of a question. Yes, there are layers to peel back in the answer we’ll provide – or, at least, there are different things to think about when considering the question.


1. What will a static caravan give me?

Wherever in the UK your static caravan is sited, it will become your home from home. It’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to enjoy some wonderful countryside or coastal features close by. Parks – particularly holiday parks – are usually set up in picturesque locations to make the static caravans on them an even more attractive proposition. There are likely to be decent additional facilities on the park, or nearby, and perhaps there will be a welcoming village or town not too far away.

The static caravan itself will provide you with a familiar place when it’s time to enjoy your holidays. Not everyone is focused on visiting new locations each time they have a break, and the comfort of what you know can really appeal. A static caravan will provide that.

2. How much do static caravans cost?

There is no one ‘catch all’ price for static caravans, as the cost will be affected by various factors including the size, the particular model and its age – as well as the location itself.

It’s not possible to get a mortgage on a static caravan, but you may find that there are finance options available to you and, if this is the case, you should speak to lenders to get specialist advice on the ins and outs of loans.

For most people the day to day costs of living mean that going on holiday and renting (say) a villa or a cottage can be expensive, year after year. Similarly, having the capital to buy a holiday home outright is out of reach for a lot of people. Static caravans can work out to be a good alternative as they are typically available for a fraction of house prices. You will also be able to enjoy the security of knowing that the static is yours, and can be ‘set-up’ to your own tastes.

3. Flexibility

Essentially, when you buy a static caravan you are investing in a lifestyle. You will be able to visit the caravan whenever you want a breather from the rigours of your bricks and mortar domestic life – whether that means an impromptu weekend away, or a longer break. This is a major positive, as it means all of the planning and prep associated with holidays abroad is taken right off your ‘to do’ list. You can literally decided at a moment’s notice that you’re going to go to your static, and off you go!

You’ll also save cash by owning a static and holidaying in it rather than going abroad, as they are kitted out and you can cook rather than have to go out to restaurants to eat. Obviously, also, you can ditch the cost of accommodation, the cost of flights, transfers, parking fees…

Here at Daly Parks we often have static caravans for sale across our four sites – and you can browse those currently available at our website. If you are interested in a specific caravan or just the idea of ownership in general and have further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team is here to help!