When you’re staying at our Village Green Holiday Park in Edmundbyers, County Durham, you’ll already know you’re in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Nestled up in the north-eastern corner of England, Co. Durham boasts a rich tapestry of history, stunning landscapes and cultural excellence. Our park is surrounded by the rolling hills of the North Pennines and is local to Blanchland Abbey and the Derwent Reservoir.

There will be occasions, though, when you fancy exploring somewhere a little further afield – so here’s our pick of ten fantastic things to do in County Durham and the surrounding areas to fill your days…


1. Durham Cathedral

Time in Co. Durham wouldn’t be complete without exploring the iconic and incredible Durham Cathedral. This UNESCO World Heritage Site dates right back to the late 11th century, with the cathedral itself completed in 1133. It’s renowned for its stunning Norman architecture, with incredible stained glass windows and serene cloisters, while the Romanesque pillars, Gothic rib vaults and intricate carvings are a testament to medieval craftsmanship and religious devotion. The 66-metre cathedral tower offers spectacular panoramic views of the city of Durham and the surrounding countryside.


Durham Cathedral scaled


2. Durham University

Founded in 1832 during an Act of Parliament, Durham University is not only one of the oldest universities in England but also one of the most picturesque. This historic campus contains great displays of stunning architecture – Durham Castle (used as a college since the mid-19th century, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Durham University Library (which houses almost two million books). Visitors to the campus can soak in the scholarly atmosphere of this prestigious institution.


3. Beamish

If you want to not just look at buildings and imagine times gone by, but actually step into them, then the 300-acre Beamish is for you. It opened in 1970 and has grown exponentially in the 50 years since then to become one of the finest examples of a ‘living museum’. It offers the chance to experience life in the North East of England during the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s, with costumed staff, historic buildings, vintage vehicles, and interactive exhibits bringing those eras vividly to life. You can ride on a tram, explore a Victorian schoolhouse, and learn about the mining industry. Without doubt, Beamish is one of the very best things to do in Country Durham and is possibly one of the finest days out available in the UK.




4. High Force Waterfall

For nature lovers, a visit to High Force Waterfall is a must. Located within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, High Force is one of England’s most spectacular waterfalls, and is its largest by volume, plunging 70 feet into a pool below. The surrounding landscape is home to rare flora and fauna, and a scenic walk along the River Tees to reach High Force is a great chance to soak up some nature before admiring the waterfall’s sheer power and beauty up close.


High Force Waterfall


5. Durham Markets

There’s an abundance of local produce and artisan goods on offer at Durham’s vibrant markets, held regularly in Durham city centre. From fresh North Sea seafood and gourmet cheeses from local dairies to handmade chocolates from independent chocolatiers and craft beers from small Co. Durham breweries, you’re sure to find something special to tantalise your taste buds. The market is also a great chance to learn about traditional culinary techniques, by chatting with the local producers and vendors. Remember, you can take all of your stuff back to your static at Village Green and cook up something special.


6. Barnard Castle

High above the River Tees, the ruins of Barnard Castle offer a glimpse into medieval history. Built in the 12thcentury by the Balliol family, this imposing fortress offers commanding views of the surrounding countryside. The castle’s strategic location made it a key defensive stronghold during the Anglo-Scottish wars. Visitors can explore the remains of the Great Hall, the medieval chapel, and the imposing curtain walls.


Barnard Castle


7. Raby Castle

Built by the powerful Neville family, the 14th-century Raby Castle is one of England’s finest medieval buildings. With impressive architecture, stunning interiors and beautiful sprawling gardens and parklands.Visitors can explore the opulent state rooms which feature exquisite furniture and tapestries, marvel at the vast art collection which has been amassed over centuries and take a leisurely stroll through the 200-acre grounds which include a walled garden, deer park and landscaped ponds.


8. Derwent Valley Railway Path

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the Derwent Valley Railway Path, which offers the perfect opportunity to take your bike and explore Co. Durham’s scenic countryside. Following the route of a former railway line (which was in operation from 1867 to 1962), this is a 20-mile traffic-free cycling trail which winds its way through picturesque valleys, woodlands, and charming villages. Along the way, you might spot some amazing wildlife such as red squirrels, kingfishers, and otters.


9. County Durham Brewery Tour

County Durham is home to several breweries, including the award-winning Durham Brewery and Cameron’s Brewery, which has been producing beer since 1865. You can discover more about the art of brewing, from malting and mashing to fermentation and bottling – and taste some of County Durham’s finest ales – during a brewery tour. From traditional real ales to innovative craft brews, the region boasts a thriving beer scene.


10. Durham Dales

With its rolling hills, meandering rivers and picturesque villages, the Durham Dales is the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with nature. When you’re looking for free things to do in County Durham, nothing beats this! Whether you’re hiking along scenic trails or riding along cycling routes, picnicking by a peaceful river, or simply taking in the stunning views, the Durham Dales (encompassing Teesdale and Weardale) offer a genuine haven of relaxation. Visitors can also discover local wildlife, including red grouse and lapwings, and some interesting flora and fauna including rare alpine plants.

County Durham is a real treasure trove offering. sparkling delights for every motorhome traveller, with the perfect blend of history, nature, and culture. Whether you’re into exploring ancient castles, wandering through historic towns, soaking in the beauty of the countryside, or discovering a bit more about the ways of life of the recent past, there’s something to satisfy you in Co. Durham – one of the most charming corners of England.  We’re very proud that our Village Green park offers the chance to enjoy this high volume of amazing experience.