Whether we are talking about books, toys, records, cars or even houses, looking after your property is one of the most important things you can do. You will lengthen its usefulness and you could preserve some of its value.

In the case of static caravans absolutely the same ‘rule’ applies – though, as with vehicles and homes, the value you will preserve is almost always at a much higher level than it would be for the other much smaller things we mentioned.

In this edition of our blog we’ll look at things you can do to ensure your static remains in tip-top condition and that, if and when the time comes to sell it on, you will get back a decent proportion of what you paid out in the first place.

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Cleaning and Tidying Your Static

At the domestic level, it’s a very good idea to keep on top of the cleaning and tidying of your static caravan, just like it is with your bricks and mortar home (if you live in one). This will ensure it is consistently in an at least reasonable condition.

Keeping day-to-day control of your domestic clutter (ie. the washing up, clothes that need to be washed etc) is very important. You are living in a relatively limited space and any accumulation of stuff is going to stick out like a sore thumb and make the place feel untidy.

In addition, you should regularly clean down (and then dry) the walls and surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom areas as these are spots in the property which are, obviously, prone to moisture generated through their intended use. You could even install a damp absorbing product. There are some great ones available – including BirchSorb, which lasts for a minimum of eight weeks and can handle at least double its own weight. There are no leaks either, so it’s incredibly convenient.

You should also take the time, once in a while, to completely empty and then clean out your kitchen cupboards, perhaps even using a vacuum cleaner. This is to ensure that you remove any minute traces of food as these will be attractive to rodents – and that’s a problem you really don’t want. You should also clear and then clean out the fridge.

Small routine maintenance

There are several small maintenance tasks (or checks ) that you can complete which will mean that the condition of your static caravan remains above par.

You should regularly check that the seals at windows and doors (and other vents) are in good condition. These seals can weaken and become brittle over time, and they won’t function correctly. When functionality is compromised they could start to leak, and water problems may start to occur within the static. It’s also good to open windows to allow air to circulate through the static, as this will help with the prevention of damp and any of the problems which arise from it.

You should also keep on top of checks and maintenance for services such as the electrics, the plumbing and the heating (etc), as doing so will mean that (if you are selling) any potential buyer is assured everything will be working correctly from the moment they take occupation.

On the exterior of your static caravan there are various things you can do to keep it in good condition. Make sure the roof is free from any accumulation of leaves. Piles or collections of leaves will rot and can damage your roof by causing rust which may lead to a need for maintenance. Similarly, keeping gutters free of leaves is important.

Washing the exterior of your static on a regular basis is also a great way to ensure longevity. Two or three times a year should be sufficient, and you can use car shampoo and jetwash (if you have access to it). Washing in this way will ensure that the caravan’s bodywork is protected from pollution and bird poo (which can damage the paintwork if it is left for long periods of time).

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